How to survive Long Haul Flights

Traveling is great, everyone will agree. Landing in an unfamiliar country, slowly integrating into the different culture, trying strange but delicious looking dishes, mingling with the locals and best of all visiting historic and famous places. It’s amazing and people love it. However what they do not love about traveling is the flight, especially one that can take more than 5 hours, and this is usually the case if you’re crossing the Atlantic, or traveling from Asia to Europe. Unless you’re traveling business class, the journey is usually a chore, and it leaves you exhausted – hardly surprising since you’ll spend 10 hours sitting in a cramped seat. And to make it worse, sometimes there is a screaming toddler around. But economy isn’t meant for luxury and we can’t blame anyone for it, what we can do is give you tips on how to make sure you get through these flights without getting exhausted. On another small but helpful note – if you fly regularly – you’d be better off if you Buy Frequent Flyer miles account in bulk. These can help get tickets for cheaper.

The Temporary Throne

First things first, do yourself a huge favor and get the right seat. You’ll be spending upwards of 8 hours in it so you’ll have to get used to it. Not all seats are equal, the window or the aisle is usually preferred to the one in the center, but the best are those with the largest legroom, and those are near the exits – so if you can book them, that’s the best. Some airlines let you book your seats in advance or at check-in, do not hesitate to ask what seats are available. They might cost you a little bit more but it’s definitely worth it.

Catching some Sleep

Yes it is difficult to sleep on a flight – especially for some but this does not mean you shouldn’t try. The more comfortable you are, the more likely that you’ll fall asleep. For this reason it is very important to dress appropriately for the long haul. Avoid things like jeans or tight fitting clothing, just wear sweatpants and a hoodie. There comfortable and won’t leave you squirming in your seat if you need to scratch yourself. Be sure to take an extra pair of sweatpants with you in your carry on – someone might spill a drink and speaking from unfortunate experience, spending the rest of the flight drenched in cold juice is not something you want to do. The cabin is usually cold, so be sure to wear something reasonably warm, despite the blankets they hand out. If you get some sleep, you’ll get less tired when you land.


In today’s economy class, the entertainment is actually pretty decent. You have a myriad of shows and movies to choose from, and watching a couple can kill off around 4 hours. Try to bring your own headphones (preferably noise-cancelling) as the ones provided inflight are mediocre at best. It’s also a good idea to load your iPad or phone with a show that you’ve been meaning to watch but couldn’t – you’ll have plenty of hours to kill on the flight.

Hopefully these tips can get you through your flight without it being overly tiring. And again if you frequently take such flights you can Buy Frequent Flyer miles account in bulk to make your traveling cheaper.