How to Find Free Spanish Lessons

Javea is a very popular rental destination, and ifyou decide to move here, you should learn sme Spanish. Are are probably like me looking to learn Spanish at your pace but don’t want to be paying too much for lessons or classes? There is one option you can work into your schedule is finding free Spanish lessons online. Here’s how:

Step 1

Power up your computer and load up a webpage that is hooked up to Internet. You need to surf over to the iTunes page where you can buy applications, music and television shows. Wait to buy anything as you are looking for the free lessons.

Step 2

Type the words ‘coffee break’ into the iTunes store search engine. This should bring you directly to the free Coffee Break Spanish lessons. As you will see the lessons are broken up into 15 to 20 minute snipets where you, the student, can digest Spanish on a simple lesson by lesson introduction.

Step 3

The free Spanish Lessons are taught in areas that you would normally use the language immediately in your day to day life. From how to introduce yourself to ordering on a menu, each lesson is free and allows the student to listen and then repeat to practice.

Step 4

The voice on the Coffee Spanish Lessons is an actual teacher, Mark, who teaches Spanish in real life as well. He has a student (who helps us) go along with the lesson and struggles (again just like us) rolling the R’s and understanding the useage.

Step 5

As you progress with the Spanish lessons, you will notice that your Spanish will gradually increase to understand and speak more effective.

While Coffee Break Spanish also offers paid lessons and exercises for those who are interested, the 20 plus free lessons posted are delightful to those who want a solid resource to start and provides a wonderful service for those people around the world.


The Spanish spoken in these lessons is from Spain (compared to other parts of the world). As the language varies slightly from country to country, the lessons are the basics of any country that speaks Spanish.