Fenix PD35 TAC 1000 Lumen CREE XP-L LED Tactical Flashlight Reviews

Fenix pd35 is upgraded powerful 1000 lumen & Cree led brightness provider and is the best quality tactical flashlight bundles. Fenix-pd35 light has got tremendous power sourcing strongly recommended exclusive & authentic design top rated led light with five operational modes. It is very compatible and reliable for professional use, outdoor activities, camp lighting, and domestic uses.

Affordable price and well worth fitted light weight better quality flashlight products in the market buying Review:

Cree LED and AOD Diffuser Powered

This best tactical flashlight has upgraded best quality PD35 Cree XP-L TEC LED Lumens 1000 technology, which can drive the great Lumens power in its compact shape. This means the light can produce the vast brightness in tiny size and it is fitted with AOD diffuser can be transformed the light power into unlimited sources output effectively.

5 Operational Modes Exclusive Flight

Fenix brand PD35 TAC 1000 is a smart architected high-class effective flashlight can produce variety light shade with different types of operational modes. It has got five operational power modes sources like Eco modes 8 lumens, Low light 60 lumens, Medium light source 200 lumens, high source 500 lumens and the Turbo doom extreme source is 1000 lumens.

There is a soft touch off/on a switch and modes switch and ultra clear glass lens intensive adjustable beam technology modes can reach long distance aspect enough to clear view for everyone. This feature makes the light very suitable handy torch for anyone to use delicately without any obstructions.

Strongly Recommended Power Source

Fenix- PD35 has trusted CR123A high powerful rechargeable batteries included. This light can be generated the great power source of lumens that the reason, it needs to recharge it with better equips which is included with. The charger is very handy and safe power pieces of equipment can run the charging modes easily and quickly to reuse the light in emergency time for the casual user.

Very Useful and Perfection Aspects

The light grip makes for the user to feel smooth & softens. It is very light weight, and small size easy fitted but solid aluminum components unwrap on the top of the body. This body cover component makes the light so hard, unbreakable and unscratched. In the rain patrolling, camping, fishing activities, security jobs purpose, outdoor and domestics’ uses this is very selective and reliable handy torch for the general user.


  • The light is pumping out different lumens sources in 5 blast operational modes. Turbo lumens produce 1000 lumens, and consecutively rest of modes produce the higher to lower lumens power.
  • This is durable; versatile flashlight source can dimension of the light controllability on the flashlight output.
  • The light body is built by aluminum enwrap hi-tech component makes the light smooth shape, unbreakable and unscratched.
  • The lights have got two smooth and soft handy on/off switch; modes adjust switches and strobe.
  • It has included with power bank CR123A Lithium 3V rechargeable batteries in its light pack.
  • Water resistant, light weight and easy fit best tiny shape enormous powered light on the market today.


  • Flash Light produce enormous power LED Lumens need more power to generate it. This extreme power sources can soak out all the power from the batteries in emergency time, and it can go down where the light source is demanded.
  • This is expensive, although it depends on individual demand and ability.

Final Word

Fenix PD32 LED Lumens 1000 Flight light meets all requirements and the durability in amazing lower price. It is endorsing the best quality tactical flashlight in the market with the remarkable working ability and the long lasting stability.