Discover The Best of Maldives

The Islands of Maldives are literally the best things to have ever happened to humanity. The beauty that the Islands portray can literally take your breath away. Hence, why it attracts a couple thousand tourists yearly. Maldives is well known for its endless stretch of blue. The endless stretch of blue also attracts an abundant number of marine life.

The blue waters surround channels that are now used for diving. Dive sites are usually grouped according to their type of formation which is: Channels (also known as Kandu), Giris, Thilas, and Farus. Moreover, the area is said to have 26 atolls, with Ari Atoll being the most popular one. Due to this, liveaboards in the Maldives are so popular.

Divers usually use liveaboards in Maldives, which are readily available. Whatever atoll you are visiting, going on a liveaboard can make it an unforgettable experience.

The destination is slightly affected by the time of year. The best time to visit Ari Atoll for diving purposes is from December to May. The liveaboards that are available for hire are of top notch quality. With the best team on board, they will ensure that your stay on your vacation comfortable and safe. Check our special page to learn more about liveaboards in the Maldives, click here.

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Popular Atolls You Should Visit On Liveaboards

Ari Atoll tops the charts when it comes to the most popular sites to visit. It’s known for its volcano-shaped pinnacles, beautiful marine life, and its crystal clear waters. One can experience the marine life without even having to jump in. From hammerhead sharks to manta rays, there is no end to the various varieties of marine life.

As previously mentioned, the opportune time to visit Ari Atoll is from December to May. This is because visibility is best at those seasons. With the perfect water temperature suitable for humans, you are bound to have an impeccable diving experience. Which remains at a constant 26-30 degrees Celcius throughout the year.

Baa Atoll is another extraordinary destination that should be on your bucket list. It is made up of 75 Islands, each with its unique features to offer. The best time to visit the area and get the most out of it is said to be in the months of May and December. Why? Whale Sharks and other giants are said to be nearer to the surface of the water at those seasons.

Moreover, you get to experience an adventure centered around caves and swim-throughs. The atoll is also colored with numerous soft corals that make up the rift. The beauty that the atoll holds will have you going there over and over again.


Maldives liveaboards are numerous, and the competition among them is not lacking. However, let us look at a select few that are popular due to quality service.

Emperor Orion Liveaboard is one of the highest recommended. Perfectly built for luxury and comfortability, finished with a classy look. This particular liveaboard holds 12 cabins, with each available for two.

The boat knows the importance of relaxation, as it offers various rooms for entertainment. Lastly and most importantly, the diving operation by the boat is exquisite. With a professional team for guidance, you are assured of a great diving experience.

Carpe Diem stands out from the services that it offers, as well as the great team behind it. The boat holds 10 cabins, catering for a total of 20 people on board. Divided into three decks, it offers services that assure comfortability, relaxation, and fun.

The boat offers more than just diving trips. It also offers tailor made cruises for couples, families and so forth. Carpe Diem ensures that the memories made on your trip or vacation will live forever.

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