5 Great Reasons to Book Ferry Boat Travel to Bali

Travelling by ferry boat to Bali is a regular practice on the Indonesian archipelago. Apart from the larger ferry boats, people travel from island to island via speed boats and also boats larger than the speed boats. Some of these boats include fishing boats which are more susceptible to the choppy waves if the waters become rough.

Whenever this happens most times all boat travel smaller than the size of a ferry is suspended. Invariably ferry travel is suspended also in the event of extremely choppy seas for obvious safety reasons. The rule of thumb however is that larger is better as it means more stability on the water. Here are five great reasons why you would want to opt for ferry travel to Bali over other forms of water transport.

  1. Ferry Travel is Slower and More Scenic

While travelling by ferry may be slower than speedboat or other small units, it allows you time to take in the scenery. Many of the Indonesian islands are located close enough to each other to be seen so travelling by ferry gives you an opportunity to observe the ones you may not be able to visit on your trip in a leisurely way and also to take pictures.  

  1. Lower Cost for Travellers Who are not Hard Pressed for Time

While the other smaller forms of sea travel to Bali and within the islands are faster, they tend to be more costly. Part of the cost is influenced by the fact that they are able to carry a lot less passengers at a time, and they also charge you for the convenience of getting to your destination in less time. The ferry boat being larger has a natural capacity to carry more passengers than smaller vessels and so are able to offer better rates for travel.

  1. The Ferry is Available 24 hours a Day and One Leaves Port Every 15 to 20 Minutes

While the ferry may be a slower and safer method of travel to Bali, the regularity with which they operate is highly reliable. The legitimate ferry services operate on the basis of fixed schedules, which allows passengers to properly plan and apportion their time accordingly for the excursions they would like to go on. The ferries do not leave for the same destinations every time so bearing this in mind can help you to maximize the way you use your vacation time.

  1. The Wait Time at Some Ports Allows for Further Exploration of the Islands

While the wait time at some ports may take a little while, the presence of taxis nearby allows you to quickly make runs into the interior of the islands while you wait for the next ferry to arrive. The taxis on the docks are generally quite readily available so if you happen to end up at an industrial type dock which does not have many features of interest to offer tourists, you can quickly catch a taxi and go to a destination nearby to feast your eyes on the sights and create memories. In no time you will be able to get back to the dock before your ferry loads and leaves.

  1. Safer than Faster Boat Travel

Sometimes the smaller speedboat operators have a tendency to want to overload their vessels in a bid to make as much money as they can. The shuttle system in the water is not formally regulated and so unfortunately overloading is a regular practice. In some cases, on boats which have roofs, passengers have been seen sitting on the tops due to lack of patience. In the past this has proven detrimental.

The smaller vessels also have less control over the choppy waves in the event of rough seas and overloading compounds matters. It is not prudent to risk speed over safety and so it would be best to go with a larger ferry for greater guarantees to be transported to your destination safely.

The larger ferries are generally fitted with safety vests, floatation devices and small floater boats in the event of difficulty or an emergency. This is not to say that every single ferry operator will observe best practices all the time. This is where proper research comes in.

Try to seek to travel with trusted and reputable ferry operators or companies to ensure your safety and also be observant to see to it that they are adhering to the loading capacity of their particular vessel. If for any reason you feel uncomfortable about going through with your trip and you have already paid, you can air your concerns and try to get a refund. This may or may not be successful, however in the final analysis you are responsible for your personal safety.

Ferries are overall more advantageous and safer however you still need to choose wisely to travel with the safest carrier.

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