Dubai Rules for Tourists

Dubai is a modern city of United Arab Emirates (UAE) with top class shopping malls and adventurous places. It is located on the Eastern coast of the Arabian Point, in the south west corner of the Arabian Gulf. Dubai is wonderful city of United Arab Emirates who’s people are some of the honest, friendly and well-mannered. But this is not the UK or US; this is the UAE with its amazing culture and traditions.

Always keep in mind when you are in UAE, it’s not your country where you break rules and regulations. Respect the rules and ethics of the country when you are in Dubai. Dubai is tolerant and multicultural, and any tourists from other countries are always welcome. Tourists should adopt culture and religious sensitivity for the duration of their stay. You are strongly advised to respect local rules and regulations in Dubai.

Here are just a few of them:


Drugs are strictly banned in Dubai even a small amount is not allowed. Carrying drugs when you are traveling to one country or another can result in 4 year custody. Buying or selling drugs or narcotics in Dubai is considered crime which can result imprisonment. UAE airports have outstanding technology and security, so when passengers carrying even residual amounts of drugs may be arrested.

Loud Music and Dancing:

UAE is an Islamic country that’s why loud music and dancing is not allowed. It is against the laws and rules of Dubai that playing loud music and dancing in public streets. Dancing and listening music is just allowed in your home or at licensed clubs and events. So avoid this act in public places. If you really want to enjoy dances and music then visit Overnight Desert Safari in Dubai


Many tourists want to capture photos of local peoples in their national dress during their trip. Don’t photographer peoples without their permission. It is against the rules and regulation of Dubai. You can get best of scenery in morning desert safari by capturing sun rise and lot more. Government buildings and military installation photography is also not allowed. Pornography and pornographic images

Relationships outside marriage:

Same-sex marriages are not allowed and all homosexual sex is illegal. It’s also against the law to live together, or to share the same hotel room, with someone whom you aren’t married or closely related. A few years back a British couple was arrested for having sex on a beach. Couples kissing, holding hands, or hugging in public is banned.

Offensive Language:

Offensive language, spitting, and aggressive behavior are viewed very seriously and can result in imprisonment. A few years back a tourist was charged using offensive language to an undercover policeman. Public displays of affection are moped upon, and there have been several arrests for kissing in public.

Dress Code:

UAE is an Islamic country. Woman should dress properly when in public areas like shopping malls, beaches etc. Clothes should cover the top of the arms and legs and underwear should not be visible. Swimming outfits should be worn only on beaches and swimming pools that are registered. Cross dressing is illegal. Wear loose dresses & comfortable footwear in the desert safari Dubai. Women should not use tights and transparent clothes in public places. It is against the law of UAE.

Don’t Eat in Public during Ramadan:

If you’re in Dubai during holy Ramadan don’t eat, drink or smoke in front of peoples while Muslims are fasting. Even gum chewing publically is disrespectful. Children and pregnant/nursing women are an exception, but discretion is advised. In this month music, dancing, smoking, eating, drinking in public places during daylight hours is banned.


Working without the proper visa is illegal. If you caught you’ll face imprisonment. Arriving in on a tourist visa or visit visa, you have the option for searching jobs in Dubai. Otherwise it is illegal.


In UAE, zero tolerance policy towards drunk and driving even if you had a very small amount of alcohol. If you’re going to drink; walk and get a cab or use the metro. Wearing seatbelts, while driving, is mandatory.

Alcohol Consumption:

Alcohol is allowed only in registered bars, restaurants, clubs, private venues, and at home. In public, alcohol is not allowed. Alcohol is not even available in Sharjah. It is against the law to drink alcohol while walking in a public place.