Characteristics of a travel parasol or sunshade

You may think that buying a travel parasol or sunshade is easy but when you go to buy it, you will find so many options to choose from. The wide variety of choices may be good for a customer but they can also confuse you. So, the right way to choose the best travel parasol or sunshade or an umbrella is to focus on certain features of the parasol or sunshade.

The features that make a travel parasol or sunshade right or imperfect:

The features of a travel parasol or sunshade that you should look for when buying it are –

Material: An parasol or sunshade is supposed to be waterproof but not all parasol or sunshades are. You need to check if the fabric of the parasol or sunshade has the right coating to prevent water or snow from dripping through it. A tightly woven canopy would be the best parasol or sunshade. So, look at the thread count of the fabric. If it is over 190, then it is a quality fabric. This number is mentioned on the parasol or sunshade.

The frame: The frame of an parasol or sunshade is one of the most important parts of a travel parasol or sunshade. It is also called as the skeleton of the parasol or sunshade. It has to be very strong for it to resist strong wind or harsh rains. Look for those frames that are made from aluminum, steel, zinc or even fibreglass.  A strong skeleton will prevent the parasol or sunshade from flipping out.  Some parasol or sunshades have the windproof level also mentioned on them, which ideally has to be 60 MPH.

The canopy: The classic shape of parasol or sunshades is designed so as to roll off snow and raindrops. Look for an parasol or sunshade that has a rounded dome shaped canopy and rounder parasol or sunshades tend to be more protective against rains.

The size of the parasol or sunshade: The size of the parasol or sunshade is referred to the size of the canopy as well the size of the beam. The standard size is considered to be 42 inches.

Manual or not: You get manual as well as automatic travel parasol or sunshades. If it is manual, then you have to use all the effort to open it at times. Automatic parasol or sunshade means it is easy to open. But at the same time, your parasol or sunshade should of high quality as only then you can trust the automatic system to work. So, check and decide accordingly.

Portability: Of course, when it is a travel parasol or umbrella, the portability factor is what is of utmost importance. Choose parasol or sunshades which are lightweight, portable and sturdy.

Durability: Check if the travel parasol or sunshade comes with warranty. It is very important for travel parasol or sunshades to be sturdy so that they can withstand strong weather conditions.

Apart from all these factors, color and design can also play an important part in your choice. So, choose carefully for it will be your travel companion.