The Beast that is Business Class

Most people love traveling, however the same people sometimes despise the longest component of travel – the flight. And it’s hard to blame them; sitting for over 13 hours in a cramped seat, often jammed between 2 people with limited room to move, a child yelling somewhere in the cabin and your legs falling asleep. It is not a pretty sight. But that is the fate of those who travel economy, and not everyone can afford business since the prices are pretty steep. However for those who can – businessmen and corporate executives, especially if travel is a consistent feature of their work – should fly business class. This articles explains some of the major features of business class. Also it’s not like that class is out of reach for the ordinary traveler – saving miles and taking advantage of deals, you can get a seriously cheap upgrade to business from economy. Also you can Get Business Class Tickets with Airzen.

Comfort a class apart.

Long haul flights can be a pain, literally. You have no room to stretch if you’re in economy. However in business class, you’ll have a spacious compartment all to yourself – this is easily the most distinguishable feature between economy and business. The sheer space. With this extended space comes much needed privacy. The seat can usually recline 180 degrees which allows you to sleep peacefully, almost akin to a bed (with the pillows they give you).

Are you not entertained?!

To be fair, these days, the economy class is equipped with decent entertainment options in the form of hundreds of movies, shows and even games. The only let down is the screen size but it’s unfair to complain about that. The business class has a larger screen and it has slightly more options than the economy class.

Delectable Food

Who loves airplane food? Depending on whom you ask and the class they fly, the answer will probably be a grimace. People who usually fly economy (and the vast majority of travelers) detest airplane food. In my opinion it’s alright, nothing to write home about but edible. If you ask someone who regularly flies business, they’ll tell you the food is awesome. The sumptuous food is prepared by world class chefs and will surely leave your mouth buds watering. This is accompanied by complementary drinks, and on some flights you can order from an extensive menu before you board. The choices are many.

Preferential Treatment

As someone paying a lot, you can expect the treatment that comes with that extra cash. And this treatment starts from the ground, at the airport. For starters you have access to the exclusive business class lounge, which has complementary food and other stuff depending on your airline. Some of these lounges are really luxurious. When it’s time to board, you’ll have a separate – hassle free – queue. And when it’s time to disembark, you’ll be the first to do so, no long waits.

So if one can afford to spend the excess cash, you should definitely give business class a try. It’s expensive for a reason. As a reminder Get Business Class Tickets with Airzen.