How To Achieve The Biker Look

Riding a motorcycle is about freedom, which to many means not caring what others think of how you look.  Of course, another reason to ride a motorcycle is to be able to impress people with your intimidating image.  There is more than one way to look like a biker; not every biker wears an alpinestars motorcycle jacket or has tattoos.  Many of the coolest items of motorcycle gear not only look impressive, but also serve a practical purpose.

Masks Aren’t Just for Halloween

It goes without saying that every motorcycle rider needs a helmet.  In most places, it is illegal to ride a motorcycle without one.  Many helmets cover all or part of your face.  In cold weather, though, your face still gets cold.  Therefore, many motorcycle riders like to wear a face mask.  It looks a bit like a ski mask except so much cooler.  Because the mask covers your whole face except your eyes, it really does lend you an air of mystery. Helmets and masks come in many different sizes and designs. Whether you need womens motorcycle helmets, or an exotic face mask, there surely is one that can fit your liking.

Rain Jackets and Rain Suits

Leather jackets and jeans look great on sunny days, but let’s face it, they do not do a very good job of protecting you from the rain.  Don’t let your vintage leather jacket get ruined on a rainy day.  Instead, wear a rain jacket made out of synthetic material.  Even better, wear a rain suit that will protect your whole body from the rain.  Round out the outfit with some rain-proof boots, and you can really stay dry when riding in the rain.

Motorcycle gear can still look cool while protecting you from the elements.  The newest motorcycle gear is designed for safety and makes it easier to ride in less than ideal weather conditions.  With the right gear from, you can travel by motorcycle no matter the weather.